With the touch of a button on a switch or smartphone make the perfect ambiance possible in every room. Working late? Turn on your home lights prior to your arrival or control the temperature of your home through a touch of a button remotely.

With smart home technology you can light a pathway to your pool or set a mood for your outdoor living area. Having a party tonight? Turn on your pool heater, pump, and sound system with a touch of a button remotely.

With automation technology today the possibilities for automating all your devices are limitless.

Thermostat Control From Your Phone

Control the temperature from anywhere in the house! Smart Thermostats allow you to recall stored set point/mode settings from any smart-compatible controller. Faster than grabbing a blanket, you can use your coffee table RemoteLinc to recall "comfort mode," bringing the room that perfect temperature.

When turning off your lights for the night from your bedside KeypadLinc, you can also save some energy and money by recalling "energy-savings mode" which minimizes the activity of your HVAC system while you're sleeping. Because you can program any button on an INSTEON controller to any temperature and mode on the thermostat, the possibilities are endless.
Fireplace Control

Verdant provides 220V / 240V 30 AMP Load Controller Normally Open Relay (Dual-Band) allowing you to efficiently control the use of heavy duty appliances and take a step towards saving energy and cutting down on utility costs. It allows you to use other Smart devices to remotely control appliances that run on higher voltage, up to 30 Amps in a normally open state. delete duplication under Fireplace Control

"Faster than grabbing a blanket, you can pick up your smartphone or tablet to recall "comfort mode," bringing the room to that perfect temperature. "

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